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Train List from Ajmer Junction

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
9621Ajmer Jaipur IntercityAjmer JunctionJaipur
9622Jaipur Ajmer IntercityJaipurAjmer Junction
12015Ajmer ShatabdiNew Delhi Ajmer Junction
12016Ajmer ShatabdiAjmer JunctionNew Delhi
12195Agra Fort Ajmer IntercityAgra FortAjmer Junction
12196Ajmer Agra Fort IntercityAjmer JunctionAgra Fort
12215Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bandra Garib RathDelhi Sarai RohillaBandra Terminus
12216Delhi Sarai Rohilla Garib RathBandra TerminusDelhi Sarai Rohilla
12315Annanya ExpressSealdahUdaipur City
12316Ananya ExpressUdaipur CitySealdah
12395Ibadat ExpressRajendar Nagar BiharAjmer Junction
12396Ziyarat ExpressAjmer JunctionRajendar Nagar Bihar
12413Ajmer Jammu Tawi ExpressAjmer JunctionJammu Tawi
12414Jammu Ajmer ExpressJammu TawiAjmer Junction
12547Agra Fort Ahmedabad Super Fast ExpressAgra FortAhmedabad Junction
12548Agra Super FastAhmedabad JunctionAgra Fort
12719Ajmer Hyderabad Deccan Super Fast ExpressAjmer JunctionHyderabad Deccan
12720Hyderabad Deccan Ajmer Super Fast ExpressHyderabad DeccanAjmer Junction
12915Ashram ExpressAhmedabad JunctionDelhi
12916Ashram ExpressDelhiAhmedabad Junction
12957Swarna J Raj ExpressAhmedabad JunctionNew Delhi
12958Ahmedabad Swarna Jayanti RajdhaniNew Delhi Ahmedabad Junction
12965Gwalior Udaipur Super Fast ExpressGwaliorUdaipur City
12966Udaipur Gwalior Super Fast ExpressUdaipur CityGwalior
12977Maru Sagar ExpressErnakulam JunctionAjmer Junction
12978Maru Sagar ExpressAjmer JunctionErnakulam Junction
12981Chetak ExpressDelhi Sarai RohillaUdaipur City
12982Chetak ExpressUdaipur CityDelhi Sarai Rohilla
12983Ajmer Chandigarh Garib RathAjmer JunctionChandigarh
12984Chandigarh Ajmer Garib RathChandigarhAjmer Junction
12987Sealdah Ajmer ExpressSealdahAjmer Junction
12988Ajmer Sealdah ExpressAjmer JunctionSealdah
12989Ajmer ExpressDadar (Western)Ajmer Junction
12990Ajmer Dadar Super Fast ExpressAjmer JunctionDadar (Western)
12991Udaipur Ajmer ExpressUdaipur CityAjmer Junction
12992Ajmer Udaipur ExpressAjmer JunctionUdaipur City
12995Bandra Udaipur ExpressBandra TerminusAjmer Junction
14311Ala Hazrat ExpressBareillyBhuj
14312Ala Hazrat ExpressBhujBareilly
14321Bareilly Bhuj ExpressBareillyBhuj
14322Bareilly ExpressBhujBareilly
15715Garib Nawaj ExpressKishanganjAjmer Junction
15716Garib Nawaj ExpressAjmer JunctionRadhikapur
16209Ajmer Mysore ExpressAjmer JunctionMysore City Junction
16210Ajmer ExpressMysore City JunctionAjmer Junction
16531Yesvantpur Garib NawajAjmer JunctionYesvantpur Junction
16532Garib Nawaz ExpressYesvantpur JunctionAjmer Junction
18631Ranchi Garibnwaz ExpressRanchiAjmer Junction
18632Ranchi Garib NawazAjmer JunctionRanchi
19105Haridwar MailAhmedabad JunctionHaridwar Junction
19106Haridwar Ahmedabad MailHaridwar JunctionAhmedabad Junction
19263Delhi SR ExpressPorbandarDelhi Sarai Rohilla
19264Delhi Sarai Rohilla Porbandar ExpressDelhi Sarai RohillaPorbandar
19269Porbandar Motihari ExpressPorbandarMuzaffarpur Junction
19270Muzaffarpur Porbandar ExpressMuzaffarpur JunctionPorbandar
19565Uttaranchal ExpressOkhaDehradun
19566Uttaranchal ExpressDehradunOkha
19601Ajmer New Jalpaiguri ExpressAjmer JunctionNew Jalpaiguri
19602New Jalpaiguri Ajmer ExpressNew JalpaiguriAjmer Junction
19603Ajmer Sultanpur ExpressAjmer JunctionSultanpur
19604Sultanpur Ajmer ExpressSultanpurAjmer Junction
19605Kolkata Ajmer ExpressKolkata KOAAAjmer Junction
19606Ajmer Kolkata ExpressAjmer JunctionKolkata KOAA
19653Ratlam Ajmer ExpressRatlam JunctionAjmer Junction
19654Ajmer Ratlam ExpressAjmer JunctionRatlam Junction
19707Aravali ExpressBandra TerminusJaipur
19708Aravali ExpressJaipurBandra Terminus
19711Jaipur BPL ExpressJaipurIndore Junction (BG)
19712Bhopal Jaipur ExpressBhopal JunctionJaipur
22996Ajmer Bandra Super Fast ExpressAjmer JunctionBandra Terminus
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