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Train List from C Shahumaharaj T

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
7144C Shahumaharaj T Hyderabad SPC Shahumaharaj THyderabad Deccan
11011Mahalaxmi ExpressMumbaiC Shahumaharaj T
11012Mahalaxmi ExpressC Shahumaharaj TMumbai
11023Sahyadri ExpressMumbaiC Shahumaharaj T
11024Sahyadri ExpressC Shahumaharaj TMumbai
11029Koyna ExpressMumbaiC Shahumaharaj T
11030Koyna ExpressC Shahumaharaj TMumbai
11039Maharashtra ExpressC Shahumaharaj TGorakhpur Junction
11040Maharashtra ExpressGondia JunctionSolapur Junction
11045Dikshabhoomi ExpressC Shahumaharaj TDhanbad Junction
11046Dikshabhumi ExpressDhanbad JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
11049Kolhapur ExpressAhmedabad JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
11050Ahmedabad ExpressC Shahumaharaj TAhmedabad Junction
11051Solapur Shahumaharaj ExpressSolapur JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
11052C Shahumaharaj T Solapur ExpressC Shahumaharaj TSolapur Junction
11403Nagpur Shahumaharaj ExpressNagpurC Shahumaharaj T
11404C Shahumaharaj T Nagpur ExpressC Shahumaharaj TNagpur
12147Nizamuddin ExpressC Shahumaharaj THazrat Nizamuddin
12148Hazrat Nizamuddin Shahumaharaj ExpressHazrat NizamuddinC Shahumaharaj T
15018Gorakhpur LTT ExpressGorakhpur JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
16589Rani ChennammaBangalore City JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
16590Ranichennama ExpressC Shahumaharaj TBangalore City Junction
17003Hyderabad Deccan Shahumaharaj ExpressHyderabad DeccanC Shahumaharaj T
17004Shahumaharaj Hyderabad Deccan ExpressC Shahumaharaj THyderabad Deccan
17415Haripriya ExpressTirupatiC Shahumaharaj T
17416Haripriya ExpressC Shahumaharaj TTirupati
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