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Train List from Dehri On Sone

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
11045Dikshabhoomi ExpressC Shahumaharaj TDhanbad Junction
11046Dikshabhumi ExpressDhanbad JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
12175Chambal ExpressHowrah JunctionGwalior
12176Chambal ExpressGwaliorHowrah Junction
12177Chambal ExpressHowrah JunctionMathura Junction
12178Chambal ExpressMathura JunctionHowrah Junction
12307Howrah Jodhpur ExpressHowrah JunctionBikaner Junction
12308Jodhpur Howrah Super FastJodhpur JunctionHowrah Junction
12312Kalka MailKalkaHowrah Junction
12321Howrah Mumbai MailHowrah JunctionMumbai
12322Kolkata MailMumbaiHowrah Junction
12381Poorva ExpressHowrah JunctionNew Delhi
12382Poorva ExpressNew Delhi Howrah Junction
12389Gaya Chennai Egmore ExpressGaya JunctionChennai Egmore
12390Chennai Egmore Gaya ExpressChennai EgmoreGaya Junction
12397Mahabodhi ExpressGaya JunctionNew Delhi
12398Mahabodhi ExpressNew Delhi Gaya Junction
12439Ranchi New Delhi Raj ExpressRanchiNew Delhi
12440New Delhi Ranchi Rajdhani ExpressNew Delhi Ranchi
12801Purushottam ExpressPuriNew Delhi
12802Purshottam ExpressNew Delhi Puri
12815Puri New Delhi ExpressPuriNew Delhi
12816Puri ExpressNew Delhi Puri
12817Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti ExpressHatiaAnand Vihar Terminus
12818Jharkhand ExpressAnand Vihar TerminusHatia
12875Neelachal ExpressPuriNew Delhi
12876Neelachal ExpressNew Delhi Puri
12877Ranchi Garib RathRanchiNew Delhi
12878New Delhi Ranchi Garib RathNew Delhi Ranchi
12941Ahmedabad Asansol ExpressAhmedabad JunctionAsansol Junction
12942Asansol Ahmedabad Super Fast ExpressAsansol JunctionAhmedabad Junction
13009Doon ExpressHowrah JunctionKotdwara
13010Doon ExpressDehradunHowrah Junction
13151Jammu Tawi ExpressKolkata KOAAJammu Tawi
13152Sealdah ExpressJammu TawiKolkata KOAA
13243Patna Dehri On Sone IntercityPatna JunctionDehri On Sone
13244Dehri On Sone Patna IntercityDehri On SonePatna Junction
13307Ganga Sutlej ExpressDhanbad JunctionFirozpur cantonment
13308Ganga Satluj ExpressFirozpur cantonmentDhanbad Junction
13347Palamou ExpressBarkakanaPatna Junction
13348Palamou ExpressPatna JunctionBarkakana
15109Budh Purnima ExpressRajgirVaranasi Junction
15110Budh Purnima ExpressVaranasi JunctionRajgir
18103Jalianwala Bagh ExpressTatanagar JunctionAmritsar Junction
18104Jalianwala Bagh ExpressAmritsar JunctionTatanagar Junction
18311Sambalpur Varanasi ExpressSambalpurVaranasi Junction
18312Varanasi Sambalpur ExpressVaranasi JunctionSambalpur
18609Ranchi Mumbai LTT ExpressRanchiLokmanya Tilak Terminus
18610Ranchi ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusRanchi
18611Ranchi Varanasi ExpressRanchiVaranasi Junction
18612Varanasi Ranchi ExpressVaranasi JunctionRanchi
18631Ranchi Garibnwaz ExpressRanchiAjmer Junction
18632Ranchi Garib NawazAjmer JunctionRanchi
19305Shipra ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Howrah Junction
19306Shipra ExpressHowrah JunctionIndore Junction (BG)
22308Bikaner Howrah Super FastBikaner JunctionHowrah Junction
23010Doon ExxpressKotdwaraHowrah Junction
23347Singrauli Ghdlink ExpressSingrauliPatna Junction
23348Patna Singrauli Link ExpressPatna JunctionSingrauli
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