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Train List from Firozpur cantonment

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
12137Punjab MailMumbaiFirozpur cantonment
12138Punjab MailFirozpur cantonmentMumbai
13307Ganga Sutlej ExpressDhanbad JunctionFirozpur cantonment
13308Ganga Satluj ExpressFirozpur cantonmentDhanbad Junction
19023Mumbai Firozpur Janata ExpressMumbai CentralFirozpur cantonment
19024Firozpur Mumbai Janta ExpressFirozpur cantonmentMumbai Central
19107Janmabhoomi ExpressAhmedabad JunctionUdhampur
19108Janmabhoomi ExpressUdhampurAhmedabad Junction
19223Ahmedabad Jammu Tawi ExpressAhmedabad JunctionJammu Tawi
19224Jammu Tawi Ahmedabad ExpressJammu TawiAhmedabad Junction
19225Bhatinda Jammu Tawi ExpressBhatinda JunctionJammu Tawi
19226Jammu Tawi Bhatinda ExpressJammu TawiBhatinda Junction
19771Jaipur Amritsar ExpressJaipurAmritsar Junction
19772Amritsar Jaipur ExpressAmritsar JunctionJaipur
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