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Train List from Gadag Junction

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
6501Yesvantpur Ahmedabad ExpressYesvantpur JunctionAhmedabad Junction
6502Yesvantpur SPLAhmedabad JunctionYesvantpur Junction
7144C Shahumaharaj T Hyderabad SPC Shahumaharaj THyderabad Deccan
11423Solapur Bagalkot ExpressSolapur JunctionGadag Junction
11424Solapur ExpressGadag JunctionSolapur Junction
16531Yesvantpur Garib NawajAjmer JunctionYesvantpur Junction
16532Garib Nawaz ExpressYesvantpur JunctionAjmer Junction
16533Jodhpur Yesvantpur ExpressJodhpur JunctionYesvantpur Junction
16534Yesvantpur Jodhpur ExpressYesvantpur JunctionJodhpur Junction
16535Solapur ExpressYesvantpur JunctionSolapur Junction
16536Golgumbaz ExpressSolapur JunctionYesvantpur Junction
16591Hampi ExpressHubliBangalore City Junction
16592Hampi ExpressBangalore City JunctionHubli
17003Hyderabad Deccan Shahumaharaj ExpressHyderabad DeccanC Shahumaharaj T
17004Shahumaharaj Hyderabad Deccan ExpressC Shahumaharaj THyderabad Deccan
17225Amaravathi ExpressVijayawada JunctionHubli
17226Amaravati ExpressHubliKacheguda
17415Haripriya ExpressTirupatiC Shahumaharaj T
17416Haripriya ExpressC Shahumaharaj TTirupati
17603Kacheguda YPR ExpressKachegudaVasco da Gama
18047Amaravathi ExpressHowrah JunctionVasco da Gama
18048Vasco Da Gama Howrah ExpressVasco da GamaKacheguda
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