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Train List from Indore Junction (BG)

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
11125Indore Gwaliar ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Gwalior
11126Gwalior Indore ExpressGwaliorIndore Junction (BG)
11471Indore Jabalpur ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Jabalpur
11472Jabalpur Indore ExpressJabalpurIndore Junction (BG)
11701Jabalpur Indore IntercityJabalpurIndore Junction (BG)
11702Indore Jabalpur IntercityIndore Junction (BG)Jabalpur
12227Indore DurontoMumbai CentralIndore Junction (BG)
12228Mumbai DurontoIndore Junction (BG)Mumbai Central
12415Nizamuddin ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Hazrat Nizamuddin
12416Intercity ExpressHazrat NizamuddinIndore Junction (BG)
12465Ranthambore ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Jodhpur Junction
12466Intercity ExpressJodhpur JunctionIndore Junction (BG)
12919Malwa ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Jammu Tawi
12920Malwa ExpressJammu TawiIndore Junction (BG)
12923Indore Nagpur ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Nagpur
12924Nagpur Indore ExpressNagpurIndore Junction (BG)
12961Avantika ExpressMumbai CentralIndore Junction (BG)
12962Avantika ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Mumbai Central
12973Jaipur ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Jaipur
12974Jaipur Indore ExpressJaipurIndore Junction (BG)
14317Indore Dehradun ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Dehradun
14318Dehradun Indore ExpressDehradunIndore Junction (BG)
16325Ahilyanagari ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Trivandrum Central
16326Ahilyanagari ExpressTrivandrum CentralIndore Junction (BG)
18233Narmada ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Bilaspur
18234Narmada ExpressBilaspurIndore Junction (BG)
19305Shipra ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Howrah Junction
19306Shipra ExpressHowrah JunctionIndore Junction (BG)
19309Gandhinagar Capital Indore ExpressGandhinagar CapitalIndore Junction (BG)
19310Indore Gandhinagar Capital ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Gandhinagar Capital
19311Pune Indore ExpressPune JunctionIndore Junction (BG)
19312Indore Pune ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Pune Junction
19313Indore Patna ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Patna Junction
19314Rajendar Nagar Bihar Indore ExpressRajendar Nagar BiharIndore Junction (BG)
19321Indore Rajendar Nagar Bihar ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Rajendar Nagar Bihar
19322Rajendar Nagar Bihar Indore ExpressRajendar Nagar BiharIndore Junction (BG)
19323Intercity ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Bhopal Habibganj
19324Bhopal Habibganj Indore IntercityBhopal HabibganjIndore Junction (BG)
19325Indore Amritsar ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Amritsar Junction
19326Amritsar Indore ExpressAmritsar JunctionIndore Junction (BG)
19657Udaipur City ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Udaipur City
19658Udaipur Indore ExpressUdaipur CityIndore Junction (BG)
19711Jaipur BPL ExpressJaipurIndore Junction (BG)
21125Indore Bhind ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Bhind
21126Bhind Indore ExpressBhindIndore Junction (BG)
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