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Train List from Kakinada Town

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
12737Goutami ExpressKakinada PortSecunderabad Junction
12738Goutami ExpressSecunderabad JunctionKakinada Port
17203Bhavnagar Terminus Kakinada ExpressBhavnagar TerminusKakinada Town
17204Kakinada Bhavnagar Terminus ExpressKakinada TownBhavnagar Terminus
17205Sainagar Shirdi Kakinada ExpressShirdi (Sainagar Shirdi)Visakhapatnam Junction
17206Kakinada Sainagar Shirdi ExpressKakinada TownShirdi (Sainagar Shirdi)
17209Seshadri ExpressBangalore City JunctionKakinada Town
17210Sheshadri ExpressKakinada TownBangalore City Junction
17643Circar ExpressChennai EgmoreKakinada Port
17644Circar ExpressKakinada PortChennai Egmore
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