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Train List from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
11013Coimbatore ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusCoimbatore Junction
11014Lokmanya TT ExpressCoimbatore JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11015Kushinagar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction
11016Kushinagar ExpressGorakhpur JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11043Madurai ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusMadurai Junction
11044Lokamanya TT ExpressMadurai JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11055Godan ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction
11056Godan ExpressGorakhpur JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11059Chhapra ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusChhapra
11060Chhapra Mumbai LTT ExpressChhapraLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11061Muzaffarpur ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusMuzaffarpur Junction
11062Muzaffarpur Mumbai LTT ExpressMuzaffarpur JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11065Darbhanga ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusDarbhanga Junction
11066Darbhanga Mumbai LTT ExpressDarbhanga JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11067Saket ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusRae Bareli Junction
11068Saket ExpressFaizabad JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11069Tulsi ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusAllahabad Junction
11070Tulsi ExpressAllahabad JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11071Kamayani ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusVaranasi Junction
11072Kamayani ExpressVaranasi JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12101Jnaneswari DeluxeLokmanya Tilak TerminusHowrah Junction
12102Jnaneswari Super DeluxeHowrah JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12107Lucknow Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusLucknow
12108Lucknow Mumbai LTT ExpresssLucknowLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12117Mumbai LTT Manmad ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusManmad Junction
12118Manmad Mumbai LTT ExpressManmad JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12143Mumbai LTT Sultanpur ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusSultanpur
12145Bhubaneshwar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusBhubaneshwar
12146Bhubaneshwar Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressBhubaneshwarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12151Samarsata ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusHowrah Junction
12152Samarsata ExpressHowrah JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12153Habibganj ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusBhopal Habibganj
12154Bhopal Habibganj Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressBhopal HabibganjLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12161Lashkar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusAgra Cantonment
12162Lashkar ExpressAgra CantonmentLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12165Mumbai LTT Varanasi Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusVaranasi Junction
12166Varanasi Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressVaranasi JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12171Mumbai LTT Haridwar AC Super FastLokmanya Tilak TerminusHaridwar Junction
12172Haridwar Mumbai LTT AC Super FastHaridwar JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12173Udyog Nagri ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusPartapgarh Junction
12174Udyog Nagri ExpressPartapgarh JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12201Kochuveli Garib RathLokmanya Tilak Terminustrivandrum kochuveli
12202Mumbai LTT Garib Rathtrivandrum kochuveliLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12219Secunderabad Duronto ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusSecunderabad Junction
12220Duronto AC ExpressSecunderabad JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12223Mumbai LTT Ernakulam DurontoLokmanya Tilak TerminusErnakulam Junction
12224Ernakulam Mumbai LTT DurontoErnakulam JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12335Bhagalpur Mumbai LTT ExpressBhagalpurLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12336Bhagalpur ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusBhagalpur
12541Gorakhpur Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressGorakhpur JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12542Mumbai LTT Gorakhpur Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction
12563Mumbai LTT Allahabad ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusAllahabad Junction
12564Allahabad Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressAllahabad JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12619Matsyagandha ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusMangalore Central
12620Matsyagandha ExpressMangalore CentralLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12745Mumbai LTT Puri Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusPuri
12746Puri Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressPuriLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12749Visakhapatnam Mumbai LTT ExpressVisakhapatnam JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12750Mumbai LTT Visakhapatnam Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusVisakhapatnam Junction
12811Hatia ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusHatia
12812Hatia Mumbai LTT Super FastHatiaLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12879Mumbai LTT Bhubaneshwar Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusBhubaneshwar
12880Bhubaneshwar Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressBhubaneshwarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
13201Rajendar Nagar Bihar Mumbai LTT ExpressRajendar Nagar BiharLokmanya Tilak Terminus
13202Mumbai LTT Rajendar Nagar Bihar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusRajendar Nagar Bihar
14313Bareilly ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusBareilly
14314Bareilly Mumbai LTT ExpressBareillyLokmanya Tilak Terminus
15017Gorakhpur ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction
15018Gorakhpur LTT ExpressGorakhpur JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
15645Guwahati ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGuwahati
15646Guwahati Mumbai LTT ExpressGuwahatiLokmanya Tilak Terminus
15647Guwahati ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGuwahati
15648Guwahati Mumbai LTT ExpressGuwahatiLokmanya Tilak Terminus
16345Netravati ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusTrivandrum Central
16346Netravathi ExpressTrivandrum CentralLokmanya Tilak Terminus
18029Mumbai LTT Shalimar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusKolkata Shalimar
18030Kolkata Shalimar Mumbai LTT ExpressKolkata ShalimarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
18609Ranchi Mumbai LTT ExpressRanchiLokmanya Tilak Terminus
18610Ranchi ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusRanchi
21068Saket Link ExpressRae Bareli JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
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