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Train List from Manduadih

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
11033Darbhanga ExpressPune JunctionDarbhanga Junction
11034Darbhanga Pune ExpressDarbhanga JunctionPune Junction
12333Vibhuti ExpressHowrah JunctionAllahabad City
12334Vibhuti ExpressAllahabad CityHowrah Junction
12537Bapudham ExpressMotihariManduadih
12538Manduadih Motihari ExpressManduadihMotihari
12559Shiv Ganga ExpressVaranasi JunctionNew Delhi
12560Shiv Ganga ExpressNew Delhi Varanasi Junction
15003Chauri Chaura ExpressKanpur AnwarganjGorakhpur Junction
15004Chauri Chaura ExpressGorakhpur JunctionKanpur Anwarganj
15007Manduadih Lucknow ExpressManduadihLucknow
15008Lucknow Manduadih ExpressLucknowManduadih
15103Gorakhpur Manduadih IntercityGorakhpur JunctionManduadih
15104Manduadih Gorakhpur IntercityManduadihGorakhpur Junction
22131Gyan Ganga ExpressPune JunctionManduadih
22132Gyan Ganga Super FastManduadihPune Junction
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