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Train List from Miraj Junction

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
7144C Shahumaharaj T Hyderabad SPC Shahumaharaj THyderabad Deccan
11011Mahalaxmi ExpressMumbaiC Shahumaharaj T
11012Mahalaxmi ExpressC Shahumaharaj TMumbai
11017Chalukya ExpressDadar (Central)Yesvantpur Junction
11018Chalukya ExpressYesvantpur JunctionDadar (Central)
11023Sahyadri ExpressMumbaiC Shahumaharaj T
11024Sahyadri ExpressC Shahumaharaj TMumbai
11029Koyna ExpressMumbaiC Shahumaharaj T
11030Koyna ExpressC Shahumaharaj TMumbai
11035Sharavathi ExpressDadar (Central)Mysore City Junction
11036Sharavathi ExpressMysore City JunctionDadar (Central)
11039Maharashtra ExpressC Shahumaharaj TGorakhpur Junction
11040Maharashtra ExpressGondia JunctionSolapur Junction
11045Dikshabhoomi ExpressC Shahumaharaj TDhanbad Junction
11046Dikshabhumi ExpressDhanbad JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
11047Miraj Hubli ExpressMiraj JunctionHubli
11048Hubli Miraj ExpressHubliMiraj Junction
11049Kolhapur ExpressAhmedabad JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
11050Ahmedabad ExpressC Shahumaharaj TAhmedabad Junction
11051Solapur Shahumaharaj ExpressSolapur JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
11052C Shahumaharaj T Solapur ExpressC Shahumaharaj TSolapur Junction
11097Poorna ExpressPune JunctionErnakulam Junction
11098Poorna ExpressErnakulam JunctionPune Junction
11403Nagpur Shahumaharaj ExpressNagpurC Shahumaharaj T
11404C Shahumaharaj T Nagpur ExpressC Shahumaharaj TNagpur
12147Nizamuddin ExpressC Shahumaharaj THazrat Nizamuddin
12148Hazrat Nizamuddin Shahumaharaj ExpressHazrat NizamuddinC Shahumaharaj T
12629Sampark KrantiYesvantpur JunctionHazrat Nizamuddin
12630Yesvantpur Sampark Kranti ExpressHazrat NizamuddinYesvantpur Junction
12779Goa ExpressVasco da GamaHazrat Nizamuddin
12780Goa ExpressHazrat NizamuddinHubli
12781Swarna JayanthiMysore City JunctionHazrat Nizamuddin
12782Swarna JayanthiHazrat NizamuddinMysore City Junction
15018Gorakhpur LTT ExpressGorakhpur JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
16209Ajmer Mysore ExpressAjmer JunctionMysore City Junction
16210Ajmer ExpressMysore City JunctionAjmer Junction
16505Gandhidham Bangalore ExpressGandhidham BGBangalore City Junction
16506Gandhidham ExpressBangalore City JunctionGandhidham BG
16507Jodhpur Banglore ExpressJodhpur JunctionBangalore City Junction
16508Jodhpur ExpressBangalore City JunctionJodhpur Junction
16531Yesvantpur Garib NawajAjmer JunctionYesvantpur Junction
16532Garib Nawaz ExpressYesvantpur JunctionAjmer Junction
16533Jodhpur Yesvantpur ExpressJodhpur JunctionYesvantpur Junction
16534Yesvantpur Jodhpur ExpressYesvantpur JunctionJodhpur Junction
16589Rani ChennammaBangalore City JunctionC Shahumaharaj T
16590Ranichennama ExpressC Shahumaharaj TBangalore City Junction
17003Hyderabad Deccan Shahumaharaj ExpressHyderabad DeccanC Shahumaharaj T
17004Shahumaharaj Hyderabad Deccan ExpressC Shahumaharaj THyderabad Deccan
17415Haripriya ExpressTirupatiC Shahumaharaj T
17416Haripriya ExpressC Shahumaharaj TTirupati
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