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Train List from Mumbai Central

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
9001Ahmedabad Sup SPMumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction
9003Mumbai Raj SPLMumbai CentralNew Delhi
9004New Delhi Mumbai Raj SPLNew Delhi Mumbai Central
12009Shatabdi ExpressMumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction
12010Shatabdi ExpressAhmedabad JunctionMumbai Central
12227Indore DurontoMumbai CentralIndore Junction (BG)
12228Mumbai DurontoIndore Junction (BG)Mumbai Central
12239Jaipur DurontoMumbai CentralJaipur
12240Jaipur Mumbai DurontoJaipurMumbai Central
12267Ahmedabad Duranto ExpressMumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction
12268Mumbai Duranto ExpressAhmedabad JunctionMumbai Central
12901Gujarat MailMumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction
12902Gujarat MailAhmedabad JunctionMumbai Central
12903Golden Temple MailMumbai CentralAmritsar Junction
12904Golden Temple MailAmritsar JunctionMumbai Central
12921Flying RaniMumbai CentralSurat
12922Flying RaniSuratMumbai Central
12927Vadodara ExpressMumbai CentralVadodara Junction
12928Vadodara ExpressVadodara JunctionMumbai Central
12933Karnavati ExpressMumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction
12934Karnavati ExpressAhmedabad JunctionMumbai Central
12951Mumbai RajdhaniMumbai CentralNew Delhi
12952Mumbai RajdhaniNew Delhi Mumbai Central
12953August Kranti Rajdhani ExpressMumbai CentralHazrat Nizamuddin
12954August Kranti RajdhaniHazrat NizamuddinMumbai Central
12955Mumbai Jaipur ExpressMumbai CentralJaipur
12956Jaipur Mumbai Super FastJaipurMumbai Central
12961Avantika ExpressMumbai CentralIndore Junction (BG)
12962Avantika ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Mumbai Central
19005Saurashtra MailMumbai CentralVeraval
19006Saurashtra MailOkhaMumbai Central
19011Gujarat ExpressMumbai CentralAhmedabad Junction
19012Gujarat ExpressAhmedabad JunctionMumbai Central
19023Mumbai Firozpur Janata ExpressMumbai CentralFirozpur cantonment
19024Firozpur Mumbai Janta ExpressFirozpur cantonmentMumbai Central
19215Saurashtra ExpressMumbai CentralPorbandar
19216Saurashtra ExpressPorbandarMumbai Central
59460Veraval Mumbai Pass ExpressVeravalMumbai Central
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