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Train List from Mysore City Junction

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
6228Shimoga Mysore ExpressShimoga TownMysore City Junction
7301Mysore Shimoga ExpressMysore City JunctionShimoga Town
11035Sharavathi ExpressDadar (Central)Mysore City Junction
11036Sharavathi ExpressMysore City JunctionDadar (Central)
12007Shatabdi ExpressChennai CentralMysore City Junction
12008Shatabdi ExpressMysore City JunctionChennai Central
12613Tippu ExpressMysore City JunctionBangalore City Junction
12614Tippu ExpressBangalore City JunctionMysore City Junction
12781Swarna JayanthiMysore City JunctionHazrat Nizamuddin
12782Swarna JayanthiHazrat NizamuddinMysore City Junction
12975Jaipur ExpressMysore City JunctionJaipur
12976Jaipur Mysore ExpressJaipurMysore City Junction
16205Mysore ExpressTalguppaMysore City Junction
16206Talguppa ExpressMysore City JunctionTalguppa
16209Ajmer Mysore ExpressAjmer JunctionMysore City Junction
16210Ajmer ExpressMysore City JunctionAjmer Junction
16215Chamundi ExpressMysore City JunctionBangalore City Junction
16216Chamundi ExpressBangalore City JunctionMysore City Junction
16221Chennai ExpressMysore City JunctionChennai Central
16222Mysore ExpressChennai CentralMysore City Junction
16231Mysore ExpressMayiladuturai JunctionMysore City Junction
16232Mailaduturai ExpressMysore City JunctionMayiladuturai Junction
16517Kannur ExpressYesvantpur JunctionCannanore
16518Yesvantpur ExpressCannanoreYesvantpur Junction
16731Mysore ExpressTuticorinMysore City Junction
16732Tuticorin ExpressMysore City JunctionTuticorin
17301Mysore Dharwad ExpressMysore City JunctionDharwar
17302Dharwar Mysore ExpressDharwarMysore City Junction
22681Chennai ExpressMysore City JunctionChennai Central
22682Mysore ExpressChennai CentralMysore City Junction
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