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Train List from Raigarh

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
12069Jan Shatabdi ExpressRaigarhGondia Junction
12070Jan Shatabdi ExpressGondia JunctionRaigarh
12129Azad Hind ExpressPune JunctionHowrah Junction
12130Azad Hind ExpressHowrah JunctionPune Junction
12151Samarsata ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusHowrah Junction
12152Samarsata ExpressHowrah JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12409Gondwana ExpressRaigarhHazrat Nizamuddin
12410Gondwana ExpressHazrat NizamuddinRaigarh
12745Mumbai LTT Puri Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusPuri
12746Puri Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressPuriLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12809Howrah MailMumbaiHowrah Junction
12810Howrah Mumbai MailHowrah JunctionMumbai
12811Hatia ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusHatia
12812Hatia Mumbai LTT Super FastHatiaLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12833Howrah ExpressAhmedabad JunctionHowrah Junction
12834Howrah Ahmedabad ExpressHowrah JunctionAhmedabad Junction
12859Gitanjali ExpressMumbaiHowrah Junction
12860Gitanjali ExpressHowrah JunctionMumbai
12879Mumbai LTT Bhubaneshwar Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusBhubaneshwar
12880Bhubaneshwar Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressBhubaneshwarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12905Porbandar Howrah ExpressPorbandarHowrah Junction
12906Howrah Porbandar Okha ExppressHowrah JunctionOkha
13287South Bihar ExpressDurg JunctionDanapur
13288South Bihar ExpressDanapurDurg Junction
18029Mumbai LTT Shalimar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusKolkata Shalimar
18030Kolkata Shalimar Mumbai LTT ExpressKolkata ShalimarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
18473Puri Jodhpur ExpressPuriJodhpur Junction
18474Jodhpur Puri ExpressJodhpur JunctionPuri
18477Utkal ExpressPuriHaridwar Junction
18478Kalinga Utkal ExpressHaridwar JunctionPuri
18507Visakhapatnam Amritsar HKG ExpressVisakhapatnam JunctionAmritsar Junction
18508Hirakund ExpressAmritsar JunctionVisakhapatnam Junction
22905Okha Howrah ExpressOkhaHowrah Junction
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