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Train List from Saharsa Junction

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
12203Garib Rath ExpressSaharsa JunctionAmritsar Junction
12204Saharsa Garib RathAmritsar JunctionSaharsa Junction
13163Hate Bazare ExpressSealdahSaharsa Junction
13164Hate Bazare ExpressSaharsa JunctionSealdah
15279Poorbiya ExpressSaharsa JunctionAdarsh Nagar
15280Poorabiya ExpressAdarsh NagarSaharsa Junction
15281Koshi ExpressSaharsa JunctionPatna Junction
15282Koshi ExpressPatna JunctionSaharsa Junction
15283Saharsa Jaynagar JankiexpSaharsa JunctionJaynagar
15284Jaynagar Shcjanki ExpressJaynagarSaharsa Junction
23225Saharsa Danapur Link ExpressSaharsa JunctionDanapur
23226Danapur Saharsa Link ExpressDanapurSaharsa Junction
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