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Train List from Suri

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
13051Hool ExpressHowrah JunctionSuri
13052Hool ExpressSuriHowrah Junction
13053Howrah ExpressHowrah JunctionSuri
13054Howrah ExpressSuriHowrah Junction
13403Vananchal ExpressRanchiBhagalpur
13404Vananchal ExpressBhagalpurRanchi
15629Guwahati ExpressChennai EgmoreGuwahati
15630Guwahati Chennai Egmore ExpressGuwahatiChennai Egmore
15639Puri Guwahati ExpressPuriGuwahati
15640Guwahati Puri ExpressGuwahatiPuri
15661Ranchi Kamakhya ExpressRanchiKamakhya
15662Kamakhya Ranchi ExpressKamakhyaRanchi
15929Dibrugarh ExpressChennai EgmoreDibrugarh
15930Dibrugarh Chennai Egmore ExpressDibrugarhChennai Egmore
15941Jhajha Dibrugarh ExpressJhajhaDibrugarh
15942Dibrugarh Jhajha ExpressDibrugarhJhajha
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