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Train List from Udaipur City

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
12315Annanya ExpressSealdahUdaipur City
12316Ananya ExpressUdaipur CitySealdah
12963Mewar ExpressHazrat NizamuddinUdaipur City
12964Mewar ExpressUdaipur CityHazrat Nizamuddin
12965Gwalior Udaipur Super Fast ExpressGwaliorUdaipur City
12966Udaipur Gwalior Super Fast ExpressUdaipur CityGwalior
12981Chetak ExpressDelhi Sarai RohillaUdaipur City
12982Chetak ExpressUdaipur CityDelhi Sarai Rohilla
12991Udaipur Ajmer ExpressUdaipur CityAjmer Junction
12992Ajmer Udaipur ExpressAjmer JunctionUdaipur City
12995Bandra Udaipur ExpressBandra TerminusAjmer Junction
12996Udaipur Bandra Super Fast ExpressUdaipur CityBandra Terminus
19657Udaipur City ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Udaipur City
19658Udaipur Indore ExpressUdaipur CityIndore Junction (BG)
19943Udaipur Ahmedabad ExpressUdaipur CityAhmedabad Junction
19944Ahmedabad Udaipur ExpressAhmedabad JunctionUdaipur City
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