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Train List from Vasco da Gama

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
2779Vasco Da Gama Bangalore Link ExpressVasco da GamaBangalore City Junction
6948Hubli Vasco Da Gama Link ExpressHubliVasco da Gama
12741Vasco Da Gama Patna ExpressVasco da GamaPatna Junction
12742Patna Vasco Da Gama ExpressPatna JunctionVasco da Gama
12779Goa ExpressVasco da GamaHazrat Nizamuddin
12780Goa ExpressHazrat NizamuddinHubli
17309Yesvantpur Vasco ExpressYesvantpur JunctionVasco da Gama
17310Yesvantpur Biweekly ExpressVasco da GamaYesvantpur Junction
17311Chennai Vasco ExpressChennai CentralVasco da Gama
17312Vasco Da Gama Chennai ExpressVasco da GamaChennai Central
17315Velankanni ExpressVasco da GamaVelankanni
17316Vasco Da Gama ExpressVelankanniVasco da Gama
17603Kacheguda YPR ExpressKachegudaVasco da Gama
18047Amaravathi ExpressHowrah JunctionVasco da Gama
18048Vasco Da Gama Howrah ExpressVasco da GamaKacheguda
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