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Train List from Veraval

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
11087Veraval Pune ExpressVeravalPune Junction
11088Pune Veraval ExpressPune JunctionVeraval
11463Jabalpur ExpressSomnathJabalpur
11464Jabalpur Somnath ExpressJabalpurSomnath
11465Jabalpur ExpressSomnathJabalpur
11466Jabalpur Somnath ExpressJabalpurSomnath
16333Veraval Trivandrum ExpressVeravalTrivandrum Central
16334Veraval ExpressTrivandrum CentralVeraval
19005Saurashtra MailMumbai CentralVeraval
19221Somnath ExpressAhmedabad JunctionVeraval
19222Somnath ExpressVeravalAhmedabad Junction
59460Veraval Mumbai Pass ExpressVeravalMumbai Central
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