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Train List from Vindhyachal

Train Number Train Name Source Destination
11093Mahanagari ExpressMumbaiVaranasi Junction
11094Mahanagari ExpressVaranasi JunctionMumbai
12175Chambal ExpressHowrah JunctionGwalior
12176Chambal ExpressGwaliorHowrah Junction
12177Chambal ExpressHowrah JunctionMathura Junction
12178Chambal ExpressMathura JunctionHowrah Junction
12321Howrah Mumbai MailHowrah JunctionMumbai
12322Kolkata MailMumbaiHowrah Junction
12397Mahabodhi ExpressGaya JunctionNew Delhi
12398Mahabodhi ExpressNew Delhi Gaya Junction
12945Tapti Ganga ExpressSuratVaranasi Junction
12946Tapti Ganga ExpressVaranasi JunctionSurat
13007U Abhatoofan ExpressHowrah JunctionShri Ganganagar
13008U A Toofan ExpressShri GanganagarKalka
13111Lal Quila ExpressKolkata KOAAGiridih
13112Lal Quila ExpressDelhiKolkata KOAA
13201Rajendar Nagar Bihar Mumbai LTT ExpressRajendar Nagar BiharLokmanya Tilak Terminus
13202Mumbai LTT Rajendar Nagar Bihar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusRajendar Nagar Bihar
14083Mahananda ExpressAlipurduar JunctionDelhi
14084Mahananda ExpressDelhiAlipurduar Junction
14209Allahabad Lucknow IntercityVindhyachalLucknow
14210Lucknow ALD IntercityLucknowVindhyachal
14369Tribeni ExpressSingrauliBareilly
14370Triveni ExpressBareillyBarwadih Junction
18101Tatanagar Jammu Tawi ExpressTatanagar JunctionJammu Tawi
18102Muri ExpressJammu TawiTatanagar Junction
18201Durg Nautanwa ExpressDurg JunctionNautanwa
18202Gorakhpur Durg ExpressNautanwaDurg Junction
18601Hatia Jammu Tawi ExpressHatiaJammu Tawi
19047Surat Bhagalpur ExpressSuratBhagalpur
19048Bhagalpur Surat ExpressBhagalpurSurat
19305Shipra ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Howrah Junction
19306Shipra ExpressHowrah JunctionIndore Junction (BG)
22405Bhagalpur Garib RathBhagalpurAnand Vihar Terminus
22406RJPB Garib RathAnand Vihar TerminusBhagalpur
24369Tribeni ExpressShakti NagarBareilly
24370Triveni ExpressBareillyBarwadih Junction
84369Tribeni ExpressBarwadih JunctionBareilly
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