Howrah Junction To New Delhi - Poorva Express , 12381

Poorva express ,Train Number 12381

HWHHowrah Junction0-08:20Wed, Thu, Sun West Bengal
BWNBarddhaman Junction9509:3009:33Wed, Thu, Sun West Bengal
ASNAsansol Junction20011:0211:07Wed, Thu, Sun West Bengal
DHNDhanbad Junction25911:5612:04Wed, Thu, Sun Jharkhand
PNMEParasnath30612:4312:44Wed, Thu, Sun Maharashtra
KQRKoderma38213:3013:31Wed, Thu, Sun Jharkhand
GAYAGaya Junction45814:5014:55Wed, Thu, Sun Bihar
RFJRafiganj49515:2515:26Wed, Thu, Sun Bihar
AUBRAnugraha N Road52615:5115:52Wed, Thu, Sun Bihar
DOSDehri On Sone54316:0916:11Wed, Thu, Sun Bihar
BBUBhabua Road60816:5016:51Wed, Thu, Sun Bihar
MGSMughal Sarai Junction66117:4518:05Wed, Thu, Sun Uttar Pradesh
BSBVaranasi Junction67818:3718:47Wed, Thu, Sun Uttar Pradesh
ALDAllahabad Junction81221:5822:08Wed, Thu, Sun Uttar Pradesh
CNBKanpur Central100700:2400:29Thu, Fri, Mon Uttar Pradesh
ETWEtawah114502:0602:07Thu, Fri, Mon Uttar Pradesh
TDLTundla Junction123603:3903:44Thu, Fri, Mon Uttar Pradesh
ALJNAligarh Junction131404:3104:36Thu, Fri, Mon Uttar Pradesh
NDLSNew Delhi 144607:17-Thu, Fri, Mon Delhi

Poorva Express (Train No. 12381) , Train From Howrah Junction To New Delhi , Indian Railway Train Timings , Poorva Express Train schedule and route map