New Delhi To Puri - Puri Express , 12816

Puri express ,Train Number 12816

NDLSNew Delhi 0-06:32Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Delhi
ALJNAligarh Junction13208:1908:22Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Uttar Pradesh
CNBKanpur Central44012:1712:27Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Uttar Pradesh
ALDAllahabad Junction63415:0915:19Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Uttar Pradesh
MZPMirzapur72416:2716:29Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Uttar Pradesh
MGSMughal Sarai Junction78718:0118:21Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Uttar Pradesh
SSMSasaram88719:2919:31Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Bihar
DOSDehri On Sone90519:4319:45Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Bihar
GAYAGaya Junction99021:0321:08Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Bihar
KQRKoderma106622:0322:05Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Jharkhand
PNMEParasnath114123:1023:12Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Maharashtra
GMOGomoh Junction115900:0300:13Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Jharkhand
MHQMahuda118000:3800:40Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Jharkhand
VAABhaga Junction119901:1301:15Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun
BJEBhojudih Junction121001:4001:42Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Jharkhand
ADRAAdra Junction124002:1302:18Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun West Bengal
BQABankura129302:5502:57Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun West Bengal
VSUBishnupur132303:1703:19Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun West Bengal
MDNMidnapore139504:2604:28Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun West Bengal
KGPKharagpur Junction141804:5705:22Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun West Bengal
BLSBalasore152606:5507:05Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Orissa
BHCBhadrakh158908:1008:12Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Orissa
JJKRJajpur Kheonjhar Road163208:4308:45Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Orissa
CTCCuttack170409:5510:00Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Orissa
BBSBhubaneshwar173210:2810:33Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Orissa
PURIPuri179412:25-Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun Orissa

Puri Express (Train No. 12816) , Train From New Delhi To Puri , Indian Railway Train Timings , Puri Express Train schedule and route map