Kanpur Central To Durg Junction - Betwa Express , 18204

Betwa express ,Train Number 18204

CNBKanpur Central0-18:19Mon, Wed Uttar Pradesh
RGURagaul10320:0820:10Mon, Wed
BNDABanda Junction14421:0021:08Mon, Wed Uttar Pradesh
CKTDChitrakot21321:5721:59Mon, Wed Chhattisgarh
STASatna32100:0800:18Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
MYRMaihar35600:5000:52Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
UMRUmaria47903:5503:57Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
BRSBirsinghpur50904:1604:18Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
SDLShahdol54605:1405:19Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
APRAnuppur Junction58706:0306:08Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
PNDPendra Road63706:4406:49Tue, Thu Madhya Pradesh
BSPBilaspur73809:3810:23Tue, Thu Chhattisgarh
TLDTilda81111:2011:22Tue, Thu Chhattisgarh
RRaipur Junction84912:0612:16Tue, Thu Chhattisgarh
DURGDurg Junction88513:09-Tue, Thu Chhattisgarh

Betwa Express (Train No. 18204) , Train From Kanpur Central To Durg Junction , Indian Railway Train Timings , Betwa Express Train schedule and route map