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Train List from Chennai Central to Coimbatore Junction station

16325Ahilyanagari ExpressIndore Junction (BG)Trivandrum Central
12673Cheran ExpressChennai CentralCoimbatore Junction
12681Coimbatore ExpressChennai CentralCoimbatore Junction
12679Coimbatore ExpressChennai CentralCoimbatore Junction
13351Dhanbad Alappuzha ExpressDhanbad JunctionAlappuzha
12243Duronto ExpressChennai CentralCoimbatore Junction
12508Guwahati Ernakulam ExpressGuwahatiErnakulam Junction
12516Guwahati Trivandrum ExpressGuwahatiTrivandrum Central
12970Jaipur Coimbatore Super Fast ExpressJaipurCoimbatore Junction
16324Kolkata Shalimar Trivandrum ExpressKolkata ShalimarTrivandrum Central
16327Korba Trivandrum ExpressKorbaTrivandrum Central
12675Kovai ExpressChennai CentralCoimbatore Junction
12671Nilagiri ExpressChennai CentralMetupalaiyam
16310Patna Ernakulam ExpressPatna JunctionErnakulam Junction
12511Rapti Sagar ExpressGorakhpur JunctionTrivandrum Central
12521Rapti Sagar ExpressBarauni JunctionErnakulam Junction
18189Tatanagar Alappuzha ExpressTatanagar JunctionAlappuzha
12695Trivandrum ExpressChennai CentralTrivandrum Central
16627West Coast ExpressChennai CentralMangalore Central

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