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Train List from Coimbatore Junction to Chennai Central station

16326Ahilyanagari ExpressTrivandrum CentralIndore Junction (BG)
12682Chennai ExpressCoimbatore JunctionChennai Central
12680Chennai ExpressCoimbatore JunctionChennai Central
12674Cheran ExpressCoimbatore JunctionChennai Central
12969Coimbatore Jaipur ExpressCoimbatore JunctionJaipur
13352Dhanbad ExpressAlappuzhaTatanagar Junction
12244Duronto ExpressCoimbatore JunctionChennai Central
12507Guwahati ExpressErnakulam JunctionGuwahati
12515Guwahati ExpressTrivandrum CentralGuwahati
16328Korba ExpressTrivandrum CentralKorba
12676Kovai ExpressCoimbatore JunctionChennai Central
12672Nilagiri ExpressMetupalaiyamChennai Central
16309Patna ExpressErnakulam JunctionPatna Junction
12512Raptisagar ExpressTrivandrum CentralGorakhpur Junction
12522Raptisagar ExpressErnakulam JunctionBarauni Junction
16323Shalimar ExpressTrivandrum CentralKolkata Shalimar
12696Trivandrum Chennai ExpressTrivandrum CentralChennai Central
16628West Coast ExpressMangalore CentralChennai Central

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