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Train List from Lucknow to Gorakhpur Junction station

19601Ajmer New Jalpaiguri ExpressAjmer JunctionNew Jalpaiguri
15098Amarnath ExpressJammu TawiBarauni Junction
15708Amritsar Katihar ExpressAmritsar JunctionKatihar Junction
15610Avadh Assam ExpressLalgarh JunctionGuwahati
19037Avadh ExpressBandra TerminusGorakhpur Junction
19039Avadh ExpressBandra TerminusMuzaffarpur Junction
13020Bagh ExpressKathgodamHowrah Junction
12566Bihar Sampark Kranti ExpressNew Delhi Darbhanga Junction
15904Chandigarh Dibrugarh ExpressChandigarhDibrugarh Town
15006Dehradun Gorakhpur ExpressDehradunGorakhpur Junction
15002Dehradun Muzaffarpur ExpressDehradunMuzaffarpur Junction
12556Gorakdam ExpressHisarGorakhpur Junction
12590Gorakhpur ExpressSecunderabad JunctionGorakhpur Junction
15046Gorakhpur ExpressOkhaGorakhpur Junction
12592Gorakhpur ExpressBangalore City JunctionGorakhpur Junction
11124Gwalior Barauni MailGwaliorBarauni Junction
12588Jammu Gorakhpur ExpressJammu TawiGorakhpur Junction
15654Jammu Guwahati ExpressJammu TawiGuwahati
11015Kushinagar ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction
15652Lohit ExpressJammu TawiGuwahati
15204Lucknow Barauni ExpressLucknowBarauni Junction
12532Lucknow Gorakhpur IntercityLucknowGorakhpur Junction
15008Lucknow Manduadih ExpressLucknowManduadih
15108Mathura Chhapra ExpressMathura JunctionChhapra
12212Motihari Garib RathAnand Vihar TerminusMuzaffarpur Junction
12542Mumbai LTT Gorakhpur Super Fast ExpressLokmanya Tilak TerminusGorakhpur Junction
12524New Delhi New Jalpaiguri Super Fast ExpressNew Delhi New Jalpaiguri
15280Poorabiya ExpressAdarsh NagarSaharsa Junction
19269Porbandar Motihari ExpressPorbandarMuzaffarpur Junction
12512Raptisagar ExpressTrivandrum CentralGorakhpur Junction
12522Raptisagar ExpressErnakulam JunctionBarauni Junction
12204Saharsa Garib RathAmritsar JunctionSaharsa Junction
12558Sapt Kranti ExpressAnand Vihar TerminusMuzaffarpur Junction
14674Shaheed ExpressAmritsar JunctionJaynagar
12554Vaishali ExpressNew Delhi Barauni Junction
15016Yesvantpur Gorakpur ExpressYesvantpur JunctionGorakhpur Junction

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