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Train List from Nagpur to Bhusaval station

12130Azad Hind ExpressHowrah JunctionPune Junction
12880Bhubaneshwar Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressBhubaneshwarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12146Bhubaneshwar Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressBhubaneshwarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12849Bilaspur Pune Super Fast ExpressBilaspurPune Junction
12860Gitanjali ExpressHowrah JunctionMumbai
12406Gondwana ExpressHazrat NizamuddinBhusaval
12812Hatia Mumbai LTT Super FastHatiaLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12834Howrah Ahmedabad ExpressHowrah JunctionAhmedabad Junction
12870Howrah Mumbai ExpressHowrah JunctionMumbai
12810Howrah Mumbai MailHowrah JunctionMumbai
12906Howrah Porbandar Okha ExppressHowrah JunctionOkha
12102Jnaneswari Super DeluxeHowrah JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
18030Kolkata Shalimar Mumbai LTT ExpressKolkata ShalimarLokmanya Tilak Terminus
11040Maharashtra ExpressGondia JunctionSolapur Junction
22112Nagpur Bhusaval Super Fast ExpressNagpurBhusaval
12136Nagpur Pune ExpressNagpurPune Junction
11454Prerana ExpressNagpurAhmedabad Junction
12114Pune Garib RathNagpurPune Junction
12843Puri Ahmedabad ExpressPuriAhmedabad Junction
18405Puri Ahmedabad ExpressPuriAhmedabad Junction
12746Puri Mumbai LTT Super Fast ExpressPuriLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12743Puri Surat Wkly ExpressPuriSurat
12152Samarsata ExpressHowrah JunctionLokmanya Tilak Terminus
12140Sewagram ExpressNagpurMumbai
12106Vidarbha ExpressGondia JunctionMumbai

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